High Hopes farm sign
variety of maple candies
variety of maple candies
variety of maple candies
High Hopes farm sign
variety of maple candies
variety of maple candies
High Hopes farm sign
variety of maple candies

Western Maine is truly a four season vacation area.
Come visit us at Stony Brook Campground and experience life at its fullest!

Discover a quiet, family campground nestled along the beautiful Androscoggin River and surrounded by the foothills of the White Mountains. Get away from the crowds and enjoy relaxing in the beautiful western mountains where families can enjoy nature at its fullest. Stony Brook Campground is the closest full-service campground to Grafton Notch State Park and hiking abounds for all levels of ability.

Just minutes from historic Bethel, campers staying at Stony Brook Campground can enjoy strolling Bethel’s village streets, visit fine shops, enjoy outdoor concerts on the common, golf at the Bethel Inn’s picturesque course or enjoy excellent dining.

Stony Brook Campground is just seven miles from Sunday River Resort, a four-season area for active families. Enjoy some of the best downhill skiing the East has to offer and stay at affordable Stony Brook Campground ... we’re open all year! Or take yourself and your bike up the chair lift and ride down the mountain in the spring, summer and fall.

Dark Sky Friendly

Growing up, my parents owned cabins in Jackman, Maine. Jackman is located north of the western mountains of Hanover in the Moose River Valley. As a child, our family would go to Jackman every weekend and for extended vacations. Frequently there would be a group of people sitting around a campfire in the evening and I would gaze at the night sky. The area was in the middle of the woods, with no street lights, no stores and very little traffic. The number of stars that could be seen was breathtaking. The night sky was magnificent! I could have watched the night sky until the break of dawn. I treasure those moments to this day.

In 2018, I thru hiked the entire Appalachian Trail. March 27th, I started in Amicalola Falls in Georgia and summitted Mt Katahdin in Maine on September 9th. On my 2190-mile journey I rediscovered the magnificence of the night sky. In June of 2023 I purchased Stony Brook Campground and wanted to create a place where people can come enjoy the night sky.

What makes Stony Brook Campground “Dark Sky Friendly”? It is our investment in lighting on the campground campus. All the exterior campground lighting has been replaced with new LED lighting equipped with a timer. During the summer months the lights will be on a timed schedule to turn off at 9:00pm and turn back on at 12:00 midnight. This timing of the lights going off at this time will enhance viewing of the night sky - “Dark Sky Friendly”. In addition, a viewing deck with telescope is in our development plan for 2025.

Your host, Michael Blais

Meet the Staff

Jane and Mike the staff

Jane Goddard - Manager
Mike Blais - Owner

Field with trees
Lean to camp site
Chair and sunflower on deck
Shuffleboard court
entrance to mini golf area
Mini Golf course

Amenities & Facilities

Stony Brook Campground is a quiet, family campground in the western foothills of Maine. The 50+ acre park offers pull-thrus to accommodate the big rigs. We offer Premium, Deluxe and Standard RV sites that have varied selection of amenities. Please review the site map below. Our premium sites can accommodate any size RV or trailer, are all pull-thrus, have 30 or 50 amp service, and internet access. We also offer cabins and lean-to shelters. Tent camping is offered with group RV sites. There is wireless internet access throughout the campground.

Additional Facilities

Flush Toilets
Accessible Restrooms & Hot Showers
Sewage Disposal
Tables, Grills and Fire Rings

Grocery Store with RV supplies, groceries, snacks, ice cream, soda, ice, firewood, Beer and Wine.

Recreational Amenities

Recreation Hall
Swimming Pool
Picnic Area
Miniature Golf
River Fishing (license required)
Hiking Trails
Off Leash Pet Area

RVs in a row


Premium Pull-Thru Full Hook-up
$49.00 per night
Deluxe Pull-Thru w/Water & Electric
$47.00 per night
Standard Site w/Water & Electric
$45.00 per night
Tent Site No Hook-ups
$39.00 per night
Lean-to Shelter No Hook-ups
$43.00 per night
$107.00 per night + $75.00 cleaning fee
Seasonal Sites
May 15th to October 1st
Call and Ask about our Seasonal Rates

8 to 15 days: 10% off daily rate
16 to 31 days: 20% off daily rate
Guests granted long term discounts must agree to Meterered Electric charges.

All Guests must register upon arrival to the Campground.
Rates are based on 2 Adults and 3 Children (4-15 yrs).
9% Tax applied to all charges.

Overnight Guests - $10.00
Day Visitor & Pool Pass - $7.00
No Charge for Children under 4
6 Guest maximum per site

Area Attractions

Wildlife viewing at dusk or dawn within the Grafton Notch State Park’s roadways invariably results in sightings of majestic moose. Other wildlife you might see are deer, bears, geese, cormorants, ducks, herons, kingfishers, and American bald eagles. While canoeing or kayaking the Androscoggin River you can see graceful trees long dead lean out here and there, offering sharp contrast to the often lush mossy banks.

During the winter the Bethel area has miles of beautifully groomed cross-country ski trails, an affordable and healthy activity for everyone. Sunday River Ski Resort offers over 100 trails on seven mountains. There are also two family ski areas: Mt. Abram and Black Mountain, both within minutes of the camping area.

The fall season is a beautiful time to enjoy Maine’s western mountains. You can enjoy the wonderful experience of canoeing or kayaking, hiking or biking amidst a blaze of spectacular color and picturesque views of migrating birds. Picnic on the Sunday River Covered Bridge, Maine’s most photographed covered bridge or take the road up Mt. Washington, an easy ride from Stony Brook Campground.

Travel Directions

Please use the interactive map to find your directions to Stony Brook Campground.

Reservation Requests

Make your Stony Brook Campground reservation requests online! Simply complete the form below, indicating your dates of arrival and departure, number of people, the type of camping equipment which you will be using, the type of site which you require, and your basic contact information. We will reply promptly to confirm availability and to obtain the necessary deposit.

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Stony Brook Campground
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Cancellation Policy:
Reservation Cancelled 30 or more days in advance: $25.00
Reservation Cancelled 8 and 29 days of arrival: 50% of Reservation Stay
Reservations Cancelled less that 7 days of arrival: Forfeit a refund of any kind
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